Day: March 21, 2013

Some Improvement

This morning as the doctors made rounds and checked me, my right leg showed some improvement. I am now able to lift my right leg and bend my knee. Two days ago I could not do this. So it seems like the plasma pheresis treatment is working.

I slept well last night. The doctors also disconnected me from the heart, oxygen, blood pressure monitors and moved me to a new room, 4101. I got to shower this morning and put on sweatpants and a T-shirt, rather than the revealing hospital gowns.

The biopsy results will hopefully be ready on Friday. One of my doctors told me I would be here at least five more days. However, if the biopsy did not yield enough tissue for an accurate diagnosis then they will surgically remove a complete lymph node to biopsy.

This is not a journey we chose, but we can feel your prayers sustaining us along the way. We’re not worried or fearful and we are in the hands of the God who made all things. I can’t think of a better place to be.