Month: June 2007

Mr. Board believed the Bible, but it wasn’t enough

When I hear of a new battle over the Bible, I am reminded of Mr. Board in south Georgia.  Years ago, I was the 25-year-old pastor of Zion Hope Baptist Church in the south Georgia pines near Tifton.  The church building sat serenely on a hill overlooking the road, with the parsonage to the left and the cemetery behind it — a little white frame sanctuary, joined by a newer fellowship hall and classroom building. 

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I love sock puppet church

Diana Butler Bass is one of my favorite writers.  Today she writes about “Sock Puppet Church” and you have got to read it.  Here’s a good quote —

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My small job at VBS

Me at VBS 2006  Me enjoying VBS, taking a break from my small job as a helper.

This week is Vacation Bible School for our community.  Five small churches, like ours, have partnered each year to do what we could not do alone.  What’s my job this year?  I’m a helper at the “Candy Shop” for our marketplace, and I think that’s just great!

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Small churches and non-profits working together

If you want a great example of how non-profits and churches, including small churches, can work together, go to Collaborate for a Greater Cleveland.  This new blog was created by The City Mission of Cleveland to foster on-line communication with individuals, churches, other non-profits, businesses, and the civic community in addressing the problems fo the greater Cleveland area.  Rich Trickel, director of The City Mission, believes that lots of folks working together are better than everybody going it alone.  Poke around in their blog and look at what they’re doing.  This is a good model for any area, and you might get some ideas.  Plus, both sites have good resources that are free!  This type of collaboration is the wave of the future for churches, and your small church could benefit.

McLaren’s new book on doing good

everythingmustchange.jpg  Brian McLaren’s newest book —

Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope

Emergent Village announced today that Brian McLaren, emerging church guru and author, is launching his new book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope , due out in October, 2007.  In Everything Must Change, McLaren asks,

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Over 20,000!

partybanner.jpg Today we did it!  Crossed over 20,000 views of this blog, and you made it happen.  Thanks for hanging out here, and telling your friends.  In honor of the occasion, I’ve turned off the mandatory registration for comments.  Commenting now will be much easier, and I hope to hear from more of you about what you’re doing in your small church.  Let’s keep the conversation going! — Chuck

Keep the old, add the new

Change.  One six-letter word that sparks fear in the hearts of church members everywhere, and especially small-church members.  Talk about changing the worship time, the order of service, the Sunday School literature, the songs we sing, or even the way we greet each other and somebody will be against it.  This is the universal law of humanity — all change is viewed as loss.  So, people resist change, and church people are no different.

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