Day: March 12, 2013

Good Day Today and a Possible Answer

Today was a good day as I had no pain all day after receiving a new pain medication. Physical therapy evaluated me and I walked down the hall about 25 feet with a walker. PT and occupational therapy will work with me tomorrow. The doctor coordinating my case is giving me a break from tests tomorrow, so PT and OT will take up my day.

I was scheduled today for a CT-guided biopsy of a lymph node in my neck. However, they opted just to do a CT scan of my neck first. It showed no abnormality so the ENT doctor said there is no reason to do a biopsy. That’s good news, but doesn’t help us solve the puzzle of what is wrong.

The neurologist does think I have some type of lymphoma which is a cancer of the blood. Apparently lymphoma can be very painful, and also has some of my other symptoms. This is not definite yet, but looks like the most likely at this point. The challenge is to confirm this and then determine what type of lymphoma it is.

So that’s the latest news from the Warnocks. We’re just trusting God to help the doctors figure this out so we can get on with it. Lymphoma comes in many varieties and the survival rate is high and treatments are available. If it is lymphoma, lots of people have survived it and lived long productive lives.

Just pray for us and the doctors and nurses. I have a great team of medical professionals working on this. But mostly we have great friends who are praying and that’s the most important thing. More tomorrow after we see the doctor in the morning. Thanks for your prayers.