Month: April 2007

The 150 rule

The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell, is a must-read book for church leaders.  It’s the book that started the viral marketing buzz, but The Tipping Point is far more than a marketing book.  Chapter 5 is subtitled, The Magic Number 150.  Here’s a quick summary:

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A story for the new header

Notice the new header?  LifeWay Threads is now our sponsor, so Outreach mag’s really great art director, Christi, did new headers for all the Outreach mag blogs.  It’s a long story about how we selected this header for Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor, but I like it. 

And, here’s where you come in — tell me what you think is the story behind the new header.   I mean, there’s a guy in an alley walking from darkness into light.  Or, is he walking from the light into darkness?  Hard to tell.  Plus, it’s confessions of a SCP, so is there something to confess?  Tell me what you think is the story and you’ll win our grand prize:  lots of thank you’s and way-to-go’s! 

Ministry to a community in grief

This past week was difficult for our community.  I live in Chatham, Virginia, about 2-hours from Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, so we were obviously affected by that tragedy.  But, on the Saturday before the VT tragedy, our town doctor died suddenly and unexpectedly.  Dr. Thompson was a member of our church, as was his physician father before him, and his pharmacist grandfather.  Monday the Virginia Tech shootings occured, and on Tuesday we had the funeral for Dr. Thompson at our church.  It was a difficult week for our community. 

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Where is God in our tragedy?

I have tried several times this week to write about the tragedy at Virginia Tech, but I could not.   Here is the sermon I am preaching tomorrow.  My prayer is that it will help. 

Finding God in the Midst of Tragedy

John 21:1-19 

Suppose everything we thought and believed got stripped away from us in one horrific event.  Suppose all the answers we thought we had to all the questions we thought people wanted answered, seemed hollow and empty.

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The tragedy at Virginia Tech

Our town of Chatham is located less than 2-hours from the campus of Virginia Tech.  Last Friday and Saturday, I was on the VT campus attending a Rotary training event.  Today, Monday, April 16, the tragedy of 33 people killed, and scores wounded, hangs over our state like a pall. 

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How we do video and post it to our website for free

Someone asked me how we do video and post it to our website.  Our “minister of media” Scott Chafee has prepared a crash course in what we do.  The best part is, Scott put this all together for zero dollars!  Now, the quality could be better, and we’re working on that.  But if you want to know how Scott makes the magic happen, click here.  You can also watch me in the convenience of your own home or office, by clicking here

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Where is the outrage?

The I-Mess, as media-types are calling the controversy surrounding Don Imus and his racist/sexist comments about the Rutger’s women’s basketball team, has really gotten under my skin.  I have followed the story and posted my opinions at my other blog, Amicus Dei — here, here, and here

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Interesting stuff

Okay, I’m about out of my Easter post-paschal letdown.  Here’s some fun stuff that I found fascinating while reviewing my daily blogline:

  • Seth Godin, marketing guru, always has some interesting stuff.  Read about the dabbawallas — it’s a great illustration.

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Post-Easter letdown

Maybe I’m an oddball, but today’s the Monday after Easter, and I’m a little depressed.  Okay, maybe depressed is too clinical, but I feel like somebody let the air out of my tires, spiritually-speaking.  Not that Easter Sunday wasn’t good — it was.  We had a good crowd, right at 100, which for us is good, and great music.  The sermon-thing went well, at least that’s what folks said, so I felt good about that yesterday. 

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The empty tomb

1On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. 2They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.

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