The tragedy at Virginia Tech

Our town of Chatham is located less than 2-hours from the campus of Virginia Tech.  Last Friday and Saturday, I was on the VT campus attending a Rotary training event.  Today, Monday, April 16, the tragedy of 33 people killed, and scores wounded, hangs over our state like a pall. 

Our prayers are with the families of the wounded and slain, the Virginia Tech community, the town of Blacksburg, our state, and nation.  In the days ahead the questions of “why” and “how” and “what could we have done” will be asked over and over, again.  Today grief and shock overwhelm us all. 

My pastor friend, Pat Tony, at the United Methodist church in our town called tonight suggesting we pull the community together for a service of prayer and communion on Wednesday night.  I had planned to call her with the same idea.  My feeling is that this tragedy will begin to sink in as faces are attached to the numbers of the dead and wounded.  Join us this Wednesday at 7:30 PM, as we pray for our community and nation.  Our world needs the peace of Christ.  Desperate acts on a picturesque college campus remind us of that need.