Month: July 2007

Six Suggestions for a Great Church Celebration

Yesterday, July 29, our church celebrated the last of “seven sesquicentennial Sunday celebrations.”    Try saying that seven times!  Anyway, we set aside the last Sunday of each month from January through July to commemorate 150 years of ministry and service.  Here are six of the best ideas we used during this celebration:

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Jesus meets Spiderman

spiderman.jpgjesus-doll.jpg This week ABC News reported that Walmart will begin selling “talking Jesus” action figures, along with other biblical characters like “spirit warriors” David and Goliath.   (Since when does Goliath get to be a “spirit warrior?”)  Like most pre-teen kids, our 10-year old grandson has a room full of action figures like Spiderman, and a bunch of other characters whose names I do not know, but most of them start with Mega-something.

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Five Ideas for Repurposing Your Sunday School

Repurposing is interior design jargon for using accessories or space in a new way.  I learned that by watching HGTV, but churches can repurpose things, too.  Sunday School might be one area that repurposing could revitalize.   Think about these 5 ideas to repurpose your Sunday School:

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Three Reasons You Cannot Fire Church Members

Seth Godin follows up the Sprint-fires-their-customers thing today.  Here’s a quote:

“Before you start firing customers, you better be committed to satisfying the rest of your customers.”

Seems that about half of Sprint’s customers don’t like them either.  Maybe Sprint will fire them, too. 

Which brings me to my Three Reasons You Cannot Fire Church Members —

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