Jesus meets Spiderman

spiderman.jpgjesus-doll.jpg This week ABC News reported that Walmart will begin selling “talking Jesus” action figures, along with other biblical characters like “spirit warriors” David and Goliath.   (Since when does Goliath get to be a “spirit warrior?”)  Like most pre-teen kids, our 10-year old grandson has a room full of action figures like Spiderman, and a bunch of other characters whose names I do not know, but most of them start with Mega-something.

Anyway, imagine when “talking Jesus” gets added to the toybox.  Or, better still, when a bunch of little kids break out the action figures for a battle sequence.  Can you imagine the storyline?  Roman soldiers are about to cart Jesus away to be tried before Pilate, and Spidey comes swinging in to save his buddy! 

Which just reminds us that telling God’s stories to our kids is important, because if they don’t know God’s story, they’ll make up one of their own.  Wait a minute — adults do that all the time.  And we don’t even have the “talking Jesus” action figure!