Seth Godin follows up the Sprint-fires-their-customers thing today.  Here’s a quote:

“Before you start firing customers, you better be committed to satisfying the rest of your customers.”

Seems that about half of Sprint’s customers don’t like them either.  Maybe Sprint will fire them, too. 

Which brings me to my Three Reasons You Cannot Fire Church Members —

1.  You didn’t “hire” them.  They didn’t join the pastor, they joined the church.  I have only one church experience of expelling a member and this involved a mentally-disturbed individual who was beyond our ability to help.  Even though I was only an associate pastor, and the expulsion was done for safety and security (legal) reasons, it still bothered me.

2.  God may be trying to teach you something.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Read the Psalms of David-on-the-run if you don’t think opposition will bring you closer to God.

3.  They’re related to somebody else in your church.  Makes it awkward, doesn’t it?  So, getting rid of them will not solve the long-term problem. 

A pastor was telling me about the troubles at his former church years ago.  “When it was all over,” he said, “only one family left the church — mine!”  Something to think about.