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Ministry during life’s turning points

At the end of each summer several new families move into Chatham, which is remarkable for a town of 1300 people.  These families are new faculty members at Hargrave Military Academy and Chatham Hall here in our small town.  This year, we’re going to figure out ways to officially welcome these newcomers to Chatham at this turning point in their lives.

In addition to moving, other turning points in life include marriage, family stages, job changes, divorce, and grief.  What is your church doing in any of these areas?  Do you have a ministry story to share about how you are helping others navigate life’s turning points?  Outreach magazine has asked me to do another short piece around this theme, and I’d love to hear from you.  Post a comment, or email me at chuckwarnock [at] gmail.com.  Who knows — your church might be featured in a future issue of Outreach magazine!