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New name, same place

You may notice that the header now says, ChuckWarnock.com instead of Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor. I hope this change will make the blog easier to find.

Here’s the skinny:

  • When I won Outreach magazine’s blog contest in 2006, they picked the name, set up the header and turned the blog over to me.
  • The blog name was not the same as the URL, leading to some confusion at the outset.
  • The blog URL was and is https://chuckwarnockblog.wordpress.com — not easy to remember.
  • I didn’t want to change the URL or the feed, but I did want to make the site more accessible.
  • I bought chuckwarnock.com, pointed it to my blog address, and everything is fine.

DO NOT change your feed reader, because it is the same.  No need to change anything.

I realize that this is pretty close to shameless self-promotion, but the tagline still reads “Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor” and we’ll still be talking about small church issues here.

I just wanted you to know what happened and why, and hope you’ll stick around for more small church stuff.  Now all you have to remember is ChuckWarnock.com.

Of course, Warnock is not the easiest name to remember or spell, but it’s the only one I have!  Thanks for sticking around.   -Chuck

10 Great New Features For 2009

hugeclockThe elves have been working overtime to bring you great new features just in time for the New Year!  Are you ready?  Here they are:

1.  Interviews with leading church influencers.   I’ll be talking with some of the best people in the churchworld today on a variety of topics that impact small churches.  And,  I hope you can watch the interviews in both real time and delay.   (Still working on that part.)
2.  Friday Freebies!  I’m giving away stuff this year free each Friday.  Books, CDs, DVDs, maybe even some event tickets.  That’s 52 Fridays of free stuff,  so stick around for ways you can win real stuff starting January 2, 2009!
3.  Profiles of small churches in action.  See what small churches like yours and mine are doing in ministry.  I also need suggestions for churches to feature, so here’s your chance to tell your story to a few thousand people each month.  Email me — chuckwarnock (at) gmail (dot) com.  Nominate your church, too;  this is no time for modesty!
4.  You asked for it!  Features you asked for with comments by leading church thinkers on any topic of interest to small church leaders.  Let me hear from you at the email address in #3.  
5.  Trends and technology.  Are you Twittering?  How could you use social networks to enhance ministry?  Who do you know doing that effectively?  This goes along with my new blog, Outreach2Go.com, which will feature more in-depth pieces on mobile tech and social media.  
6.  A social network.  Still in the works, but definitely coming in 2009.  Stay tuned!
7.  smallchurchPROF.com.  More later, but this will be good.
8.  New categories.  Prayer, spirituality, missions, and more.   Plus I’ll feature churches that excel in these areas.  
9.  ReTweeters Club.  Or something like it.   
10.  Videos.  Everything from sermon prep to time management to pastoral care.  
In addition to all the new stuff, I’ll update the pages about our church, resources, the abbey church concept, and overhaul the sidebars, too.  Should be a good year for small churches and I hope it is for yours.    Happy New Year.   May 2009 bring you God’s peace and joy in wonderful new ways!  

Over 50,000 in 2007! Happy New Year!

At exactly 9:22 PM on December 31, 2007, Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor hit 50,000 page views! 

Almost 1,000 views per week for our first year is an exciting milestone.  What a great way to end the old year and bring in the new!  Thank you for your comments, links, and emails during 2007.  You’ve encouraged me and the thousands of others like us who love and serve small churches.  Happy New Year!  — Chuck