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Podcast: Life in the Spirit

Trinity Sunday offers an opportunity to examine Paul’s idea of life in the Spirit. According to Romans 8:12-17, living in the Spirit means that we don’t live by the “flesh” — which is a word Paul uses to identify that which is dying and passing away, that lifestyle to which we were slaves prior to coming to Christ.

Life in the Spirit means we are God’s children, and as God’s children we form habits as we are led by the Spirit of God. Those habits will bring us into conflict with the world that lives by the “flesh” and we will suffer as Christ suffered because we are living by the Spirit. But, Paul reminds us that if we suffer with Christ, we will also be glorified with Christ, too. Here’s the link to Life in the Spirit. 

Podcast: Preparing For The Kingdom Then and Now

What if the parable of the 10 bridesmaids isn’t about just the second-coming of Christ?  What if it was about the coming of the kingdom of God in the first century, and how some were prepared then, and some were not?  Does the warning of Jesus to watch and wait mean anything before he comes again?  I think so, and here is the sermon I preached on Sunday, November 6, 2011.  http://chuckwarnock.libsyn.com/preparing-for-the-kingdom-then-and-now

Podcasts now available on all formats and devices

Podcasts of my sermons are now available across all platforms (Apple, PC, iPhone, Android, etc), and on all devices.  You can access my sermon podcasts in three ways:

  1. Go to the iTunes Store, search for “Chuck Warnock,” then click “Subscribe.”  (If two podcast choices appear on iTunes, click the one with my photo, not the one with the WordPress logo, which is an inactive account.)
  2. Go to my blog, chuckwarnock.com, Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor, and I’ll post the podcast episode each Monday.  To access all the podcasts in one place, go to the right widget column and click on the Podcast RSS feed for the specific episode you want to hear.
  3. Go to my libsyn blog, which will contain all the podcast episodes at http://chuckwarnock.libsyn.com/webpage.  The podcast RSS feed is also live at http://chuckwarnock.libsyn.com/rss and you can subscribe directly through your feed reader.

However you get there, I hope the sermon podcasts will be helpful. Peace. -Chuck

‘How God Came To Be With Us’ podcast

How God Came To Be With Us podcast, from Matthew 1:18-25.  I preached this sermon on Sunday, December 23, 2007, using the fictional character of ‘Itzak the baker’ — a friend of Joseph of Nazareth.  I hope it brings a new perspective for this Christmas season.

Feeds, podcasts, sermons, etc

Someone cancelled their emailfeedreader-button.jpg subscription to Confessions the other day.  I understand that because I get too many emails myself.  Plus, email gets stuck in your inbox, you’ve got to read it or delete it, and mostly if you don’t read it right now, you’ll forget about it.  I just cancelled my last two email subscriptions today myself.  I’m all Google reader now.

If you haven’t used a reader, it’s really simple.  Microsoft XP has one built right in to your browser and you can bookmark blogs just like you bookmark sites.  But I like Google reader because I also use Google Desktop, including gmail, which I can access at home, at church, or from any computer with internet access.  I’m all about not carrying my lappy with me more than I have to.  If you don’t know how to do this, ask a friend.  You’ll be glad you did.

You can also download my sermon podcasts through iTunes or from my sermon blog, Chuck Warnock: Sermons, etc, plus you can read the sermon manuscript there (usually) before the Sunday I’m going to preach it.  The podcast is up on Monday (usually). 

I’m working on (meaning I have someone else working on) putting all my blogs at one address, but we’re not quite there yet.  I’ll let you know when that happens.  Until then, do the feed reader thing.  You’ll be glad you did. 

“A Place in the Garden” podcast

chuckwarnock72jpg03062007.jpg“A Place In The Garden”  mp3 by Chuck Warnock, from Luke 23:33-43.  This is the sermon I preached on Christ the King Sunday, November 25, 2007 at Chatham Baptist Church.  It is the story of the crucifixion of Christ and of the two thieves who were crucified along with Jesus.  I hope you find it helpful.

My podcasts on iTunes

We’re podcasting on iTunes now!  I’m pulling all the mp3 files together for the initial link to iTunes, so if you subscribe to the Chuck Warnock: Sermons, etc podcast thru iTunes, you’ll get all the back podcasts in one place.  Hope you’ll visit iTunes and subscribe.  Right now you have to go to iTunes store>podcasts>religion and spirituality>then search for Chuck Warnock.  I’m not listed on the podcast directory yet, but my sermons are there.  As soon as iTunes “lists” me, I’ll provide the direct link. 

And, I’m always looking for feedback on things you think might be helpful in sermon prep. 

Thanks for your support and please pass the word to others.  Since we launched in September ’07, I’ve seen a steady increase in traffic.  In time we will have built a comprehensive sermon resource based on the revised common lectionary.  Peace.