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Over 200,000!

Today this blog went over 200,000 views!  Of course, you get all the credit because without you — and a couple of hundred-thousand others — Confessions of  a Small-Church Pastor would never have reached this milestone.  So, thanks for stopping by, or for reading by feedreader, or email, or Facebook, or Twitter, or however you check in.  Oh, and thanks for commenting, too — your comments help others, me included.

One more thing: some big stuff is in the works for later this year.  Stay tuned. Tell your friends. I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks.  You made my day!

Over 50,000 in 2007! Happy New Year!

At exactly 9:22 PM on December 31, 2007, Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor hit 50,000 page views! 

Almost 1,000 views per week for our first year is an exciting milestone.  What a great way to end the old year and bring in the new!  Thank you for your comments, links, and emails during 2007.  You’ve encouraged me and the thousands of others like us who love and serve small churches.  Happy New Year!  — Chuck

Rolling over 30,000!

30,000 and rollin’ over We’re rolling over 30,000 page views by this weekend!

That’s right!  We’re going over 30,000 sometime in the next couple of days.  And to celebrate this milestone in the digital world, here’s what I’m gonna do —

Add me to your blogroll and I’ll add you to mine!

Now for the tiny print:  This offer is good for a limited time only, and subject to all federal, state, and local taxes.  Rebates do not apply, and the dealership reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.  🙂

So send me an email or comment on this post, and I’ll add you to my blogroll for all the world to see…if you’ll do the same.  There’s lots of good stuff out there and together we’ll reach more people with more good stuff.  Okay, I’m waiting….