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Authenticity is One of the Strengths of Small Churches

The Strengths of Small Churches webinar went really well today, and BuildingChurchLeaders.com has posted our presenter notes from the first topic we covered — authenticity.  The notes actually contain some material we didn’t get time to cover, so whether you logged in to the seminar or not, you might find them useful.

Tim Avery and his crew will post the other two topics — lean/nimble and equipping — in the coming days.  Go to Off the Agenda blog, look over the notes, and give us some feedback.  Thanks.

Small Churches Need a Brand Revival

Tim Avery at Christianity Today’s Off The Agenda asked me to write an article on the way small churches are viewed by others.  The result is Small Churches Need a Brand Revival, and I hope you read it.  Here’s how it starts:

After the presidential election, I read a lot about the Republican “brand.” Nearly every living pundit was talking about how the Republicans needed to repair the damage the election had done to it. The word “brand,” of course, is marketing jargon for reputation and public image. I’ll leave the politics to others, but I think a group in definite need of brand revival is small churches.

I proceed from there to lay out my case for why small churches get no respect, and for a small church brand revival.  Let me know what you think.

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