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Powerpoint: Small Churches Make Good Neighbors

Here’s the powerpoint I used in my NOC2008 workshop, Small Churches Make Good Neighbors.   I’m using the abbey church model, and discussing the 10 aspects of the ancient celtic abbeys applied to churches today.  The ppt is on SlideShare, so you can view and download the presentation, if you find it helpful.  I am going to edit and add to the notes, but I think you’ll get the thrust of the presentation as it is.  Let me know if you have questions or comments.

Reflecting on a great event

NOC2008 surpassed my expectations!  I got to hear Erwin McManus, J John, Francis Chan; and I sat in on Doug Stringer’s workshop titled, Who’s Your Daddy?  Great title and great seminar.  I met Ed Stetzer of LifeWay, and Gary McIntosh of Talbot Seminary; plus, the great staff of Outreach magazine, led by Lindy Lowry, senior editor,  and Jim Long, managing editor.  

The small church discussion group I led overflowed the room we were in, and overflowed with great small church ideas, too.  I’m writing about 10 of the top ideas in Outreach magazine for the Jan/Feb issue (at least, I think that’s when the article will appear). 

My workshop, Small Churches Make Good Neighbors: 10 Ways Your Church Can Change Your Community, was great!  Not because I led it, but because we had a room full of high-energy, creative people who minister faithfully in their own small churches.  I’m making the PowerPoint of my seminar available here.

NOC08 day 2

Wow, what a great kickoff to NOC08 yesterday. The small church discussion group I led had an overflow crowd and lots of great ideas.

Erwin McManus delivered a powerful and compelling message. McManus said that most of our effort is spent trying to make Sunday worship just a little less irrelevant to the lives of most people. What we should be doing, he said, is engage our world during the week.

Today I am attending some exciting transformational seminars. I’ll post more about today’s stuff on twitter with photos on Facebook. Friend me and keep up with the great resources here at NOC08.

Follow me to NOC2008!

Wednesday I fly to San Diego for the National Outreach Convention — NOC2008!  I’m leading the workshop, Small Churches Make Good Neighbors: 10 Ways Your Church Can Change Your Community.

I hope you’re meeting me there, but if not, you can follow all the action at NOC2008 right here.  I’ll Twitter the event several times a day (see my Twitter posts on the right column of my blog — feed readers have to click thru to see them).  

Also, I’m posting photos of NOC2008 to my Facebook here — 


— so you can join in the fun!  

I’ll also post the best ideas I come across each day, so stay tuned for lots of good, helpful stuff.  So, Friend me on FB, follow me on Twitter, and keep up here each day.  See you in San Diego!