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Small church, big impact workshop at NOC07

I like to think they saved thedsc03905.jpg best for last.  My seminar, Small Church, Big Impact:  Creating Missional Partnerships in Your Community was the last seminar of the day today.  We had a room full of small church folks who were interested in the story of what God is doing in our little town of Chatham, Virginia. 

You can see a few photos from the National Outreach Convention by clicking on my web album here.  And for those interested in the powerpoint of the presentation, as I promised, it’s right here —Small Church, Big Impact powerpoint.  Feel free to share it with your church leaders.  You can go to About Chuck Warnock on this blog, and find links that tell more of the story of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it here in Chatham.  Also, for those in the seminar and interested in some of the resources that have shaped our journey, click on the Resource page link.  I hope our story is an encouragement to your ministry, wherever you are. 

Debbie and I are headed back to Virginia tomorrow.  The folks at Outreach Inc. were very kind to invite us to come out to share our story, and I appreciate it.  NOC07 is history, but we’ll be back in 2008.  Hope you’ll join us!

More sermons while I’m at NOC07

If you’re looking for some Stained glass window at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Old Town San Deigosermon ideas, here’s my sermon archives on our church website (which is about to be overhauled completely).  I’m still at the National Outreach Convention in San Diego.  If you have never attended NOC, you need to put it on your calendar for 2008.  Lots of great resources, including sermon stuff — visuals, videos, books, websites, and a lot more.  Have a great day Sunday!

The photo is a detail of a stained glass window at the Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town San Diego.  The window is a tribute to one of the church’s outstanding pastors, known as The Last of the PadresThe Catholic “padres” were so influential in the early days of San Diego that they became honored in the popular culture as the San Diego Padres baseball team!  Preachers do have an impact!

NOC07 helps small churches

Ren, me, and Gerardo at NOC07 Ren, me and Gerardo at NOC07

I met a couple of great pastors yesterday at our small church affinity group meeting.  Ren and Gerardo are both pastors of churches a couple of hours from San Diego.  Both face the challenges of transitioning their growing small churches into the next level for ministry.  Gerardo, Ren, Debbie and I talked about the differences in our small churches, but also found that a 150-year old church (ours), an 8-year old congregation (Ren’s), and a 2-year old congregation (Gerardo’s) encounter some of the same challenges. 

NOC07 isn’t just a big conference.  Outreach Inc. has done a great job of facilitating small conversations where everyone can tell their story and find encouragement in community.  Outreach magazine also is providing free back issues here at the convention and I shared the small church issue with the group yesterday.  Also, click over to my sermon blog for an interesting church connection with San Diego.  More later as the fun continues!

Headed to San Diego


Debbie and I leave tomorrow for San Diego and Outreach, Inc.’s  National Outreach Convention 2007 (NOC07).  I’ll be leading the workshop, Small Church, Big Impact:  Creating Missional Partnerships in Your Community on Friday afternoon.  I’m also the facilitator for the Small Church Outreach affinity group early Thursday morning.  So, if you’re going to NOC07, drop in and say hi.

For those following my sermon posts, I won’t be preaching this Sunday, but I have posted an earlier sermon, The God Who Surprises.  Hope you enjoy it!  See you in San Diego!