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500th post: Thank you!

This is my 500th post here at Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor!  Amazing, isn’t it?  I had no idea in December, 2006, that this blog would still be going strong over two years later.  But here we are and you’re the reason for it.  Your words of encouragement, and correction, have kept me at this work of giving hope and help to small churches across the country and around the world.  Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing.

To make navigating easier, you can now get to Confessions… at the url, chuckwarnock.com.  The feed stays the same, so no need to change that.  Bookmark chuckwarnock.com for easy reference.  And, we have a mobile site, too!

This year I added a couple of sites to help small churches, and church leaders of all congregations.  SmallChurchPROF.com features the best of small church news, outreach, discipleship, worship, and leadership ideas from around the ‘net.  We’re still working on the feed, but stop by and check it out.  I post new links everyday, so the content is always fresh and up-to-date.

NewChurchReport.com encompasses church news, articles, and blogs from the best thinkers and writers in the church scene today.  You might not always agree with every article, but I select the articles I think represent new perspectives on old issues.  I also enjoy good stories, well-written posts, and secular articles that have application to churches.  I select new articles each day, plus we get newsfeeds from 7 leading Christian news sources each day.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, so let’s connect there, too.

Again, thank you for being part of this effort.  Together we have raised the profile of small churches and small church issues, and that’s a good thing!  Thanks!

NewChurchReport.com is up and running again


NewChurchReport.com gathers the best of blogs, news services, and articles about church from around the internet.

Scott Linklater, the creator of  New Church Report, handed the site over to me a couple of weeks ago.  With the help of Nathan White, we’ve made some changes to enhance the content on the site, but we have kept many of the sources that Scott used.

New features at NewChurchReport.com include:

  • Spotlight. An outstanding article positioned at the top of the site that will change daily.  I select this article each day.
  • News. This column aggregates the best and broadest church news possible. Please suggest other church news sites you’d like to see posted here.
  • Featured. These posts are top-drawer ideas and inspiration from technical experts, the business world, church leaders, and other outstanding ministry personalities.  I hand-select each post each day to pick the best-of-the-best church stuff out there.
  • Blogs. Guest bloggers are featured in the right-hand column everyday discussing everything from theology to outreach techniques to personal opinions.  These bloggers are real people in real ministry with helpful things to say.  I pull from the same list Scott did, with some new additions.  I welcome additional blog suggestions for this feature.
  • Feed. Nathan has installed an RSS feed, so you can read NewChurchReport.com in your feedreader now.  We still have an issue with Google Chrome, but the feed works in IE7 and Firefox.

NewChurchReport.com is a one-stop source for the latest in church news, ideas, inspiration, and opinions.  Let me know how we can make it better.  Of course, I’m still here most every day writing about small church ministry, too.