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NOC2010 is here!

Wednesday I head off to San Diego for my fourth year at the National Outreach Convention, known affectionately as NOC.  I hope you’ll be there for all of the workshops, discussion forums, worship sessions, major speakers, and more.  One of the really great things about NOC is the wealth of information, resources, and people that you encounter — all focused on outreach.

I’ll be leading a breakout workshop titled, Outreach in the Crises of Life. If you’re at NOC, drop in on Friday afternoon at 2:30 PM for 90-minutes of sharing about reaching out to those who are experiencing the most difficult situations in life.  On Friday morning at 7:15 AM (bring coffee!) I am facilitating the Small Church Ideas Exchange.

Of course, I’ll see my friends at Outreach magazine, which I hope you subscribe to.  Outreach publishes an annual small church issue, plus I write the “Small Church, Big Idea” column in each regular issue.  Lots of small church stuff including good ideas that real people have used in real churches.  I’ll be live blogging, and Facebooking some NOC events, so stay tuned!

Notes from NOC09: Lots of small church focus

The National Outreach Convention is a great event for small churches.   On Wednesday I led the Small Church Discussion group and we had about 50+ participants with great ideas and opportunities for ministry.  Today I led the Small Church Idea Forum where we walked through the process of designing, conducting, and evaluating small church outreach events.

Small churches continue to do great things to become indispensable to their communities.  Some of the ideas shared on Wednesday and today are:

  • Jobless ministry. One church in New Jersey identified those who had lost jobs or were out of work, providing training, support, and encouragement.
  • Home repair and upkeep. Another new church plant selected 50 homes in proximity to the church and took two Saturdays to offer to do home repair or maintenance projects.  Because this is an urban church, neighbors were at first reluctant to accept the church’s help.  But once assured that the church had not agenda other than to be helpful, some of these neighbors allowed the church to help them.  One homeowner was so impressed, she hired 5 church members to work in the hospital where she was on staff.  Both the church and the community benefited from the church’s outreach.
  • Teen bootcamp. Teens were invited to participate in a “bootcamp” experience complete with obstacle course, a gospel presentation, and some good clean hip hop thrown in for good measure.

Outreach magazine also announced their revamped website, outreachmagazine.com where church leaders can join the site, and then tell the story of what their church is doing in outreach.  If you have an interesting outreach story about your small church, please go to outreachmagazine.com and tell them about it.  Plus, I’m looking for churches to profile in the 2010 issues of Outreach magazine in my column, Small Church, Big Idea.

One thing small church leaders told me at NOC09 is that they are glad to see major Christian organizations like Outreach paying attention to small churches.  I think you’re going to see more attention to small churches in the near future.  I know of one great small church book coming out in 2010, plus I met with a major Christian publisher today to discuss a couple of book ideas I’m working on for small churches. So, stay tuned because not only is NOC a great event, but there’s more coming soon!

NOC09 blog tour stops here Thursday

I’m leading the Small Church Idea Forum at the National Outreach Convention 2009 in San Diego, CA on November 4-7, 2009.  The NOC09 blog tour is stopping by today to leave some questions in the comment section.  Click on the tiny number beside the “quote balloon” to the right of the title of this post to see comments and add your own.  I’ll re-post the questions and my answers here for Friday so feedreaders will pick them up.

The important thing is for you to start making your plans to attend NOC09, one of the best and most practical conferences you’ll ever attend.  Plus, San Diego is always beautiful, and in November it is gorgeous.  See you at NOC09 in November!

Here’s a montage of last year’s NOC — it really is a great conference!

Join me at NOC09

Here’s the video promo I did for the fine folks at Outreach for the National Outreach Convention — NOC09 — in San Diego, November 4-6, 2009.  I hope you’ll join me and thousands of other church leaders in San Diego.  NOC is always a great event and this year I’ll be leading a couple of small church workshops, meeting with small church leaders, and hopefully signing copies of my new book (keep you fingers crossed on that one!).  Anyway, here’s the vid and excuse the production value (or lack thereof), I’m a newbie…

Plan the next National Outreach Convention

The great folks at Outreach invite you to help plan the next National Outreach Convention – NOC2009.  Go on over to the NOC2009 Facebook page, become a fan, and jump on the Wall or discussion board to leave your comments.  You can also follow NOC2009 on Twitter.

NOC is always a great event, jampacked with tons of outreach ideas, information, resources, and speakers.  I’ll be leading a small church workshop.  Make plans now to come on to San Diego in November.  You’ll be glad you did!

Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by Outreach magazine, but I’d go to NOC anyway. (I have received no payment for this endorsement.  Not that I can’t be bought.  They just didn’t offer.  Sigh.)

Follow me to NOC2008!

Wednesday I fly to San Diego for the National Outreach Convention — NOC2008!  I’m leading the workshop, Small Churches Make Good Neighbors: 10 Ways Your Church Can Change Your Community.

I hope you’re meeting me there, but if not, you can follow all the action at NOC2008 right here.  I’ll Twitter the event several times a day (see my Twitter posts on the right column of my blog — feed readers have to click thru to see them).  

Also, I’m posting photos of NOC2008 to my Facebook here — 


— so you can join in the fun!  

I’ll also post the best ideas I come across each day, so stay tuned for lots of good, helpful stuff.  So, Friend me on FB, follow me on Twitter, and keep up here each day.  See you in San Diego!

Live blogging NOC07!

I’m at NOC07 and we kicked off tonight with the Charlie Hall Band and Miles McPherson of The Rock Church here in San Diego.  About 2500 people are here, the exhibit hall is full of great resources, and I’m going to post each day some of the great stuff that goes on.

images.jpgMiles McPherson, former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers and now pastor of The Rock Church here in San Diego delivered the keynote address tonight.  Actually, that’s not true….Miles preached!  And what a great message based on the book of Daniel.  Here are some of the quotes I picked up:

  • Addressing preachers:  “We’re all in the ministry, but we’re all still little kids.”
  • Telling about how their church opened its doors to the San Diego wildfire evacuees:  “The reason you exist is to help people running from the fire.” 
  • Talking about the sparkle of diamonds:  “The bling in a diamond is how the light shines through the flaws.” 
  • Referring to God’s calling Moses because God heard the cries of His people:  “When God gives you an idea, it’s because someone is crying.”
  • Challenging the crowd to find God’s dream for their lives:  “What God wants for you is not on a DVD yet.” 
  • Cautioning pastors not to get bogged down in overthinking what God calls them to do:  “We want to know the facts, but God wants us to know the Father.”
  • Finally, challenging us to move out in ministry:  “God will know you by your bling!”

In addition to Miles, World Vision invited each attendee to come by their booth and assemble Caregiver kits.  These caregiver kits are shipped to Africa and other countries where AIDS is epidemic.  Local caregivers use the kits to provide basic medical care for those infected with HIV.  Tomorrow I am the facilitator for the Small Church affinity group, which is a really fancy way of saying that folks who are interested in small church stuff can show up at 7:30 AM and we’ll see if we can find some coffee together.  Friday I lead the workshop, Small Church, Big Impact:  Creating Missional Partnerships in Your Community.  More from NOC07 tomorrow…I’m jetlagged tonight!