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All my stuff in one place

I’ve got a new aggregator, chuckwarnock.com.  All my blogs puddle up on this one site, so it’s like one-stop shopping for the blogophile.  Here are the blogs at chuckwarnock.com

  • Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor a gathering place for the small church community — a blog sponsored by Outreach magazine for  churches with less than 300 attendance. 
  • Amicus Dei becoming a friend of God in a community of faith – spiritual journey, peace and justice, and emerging/missional issues.
  • Sermons, etc – full-texts and podcasts of sermons I preach, usually with scripture from the revised common lectionary.
  • futurechurchnowhow today’s trends are shaping tomorrow’s church — trends, thinkers, technology, and other trends affecting church now and in the future.

Bookmark chuckwarnock.com or put me in your feed reader.  Comments are turned off, but you can click on a post and leave comments on the original post.  Hope this helps.  Let me know.  Grace and peace. — Chuck

New post on FutureChurchNow

I just posted The Way We Relate is Changing to my new blog about trends and technology and how those forces will impact the church.  I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look, put FutureChurchNow in your blog reader or bookmark it.  I post once a week, so I won’t overload you.  And you might find it interesting.  I do.