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7 Questions Every Church Must Answer

Thinking about critical issues for churches today, I started making a list of questions churches should be able to answer.  It seems to me that all churches, regardless of size, need to be able to offer compelling responses to these questions.  Here they are:

  1. Meaning:  How do we see life and our place in it?
  2. Message:  What is our story and how do we tell it?
  3. Mission:  What are we here for and what do we do?
  4. Members:  How do we connect with people and include them in our movement?
  5. Mobility:  How do we command attention in a fast-moving world?
  6. Money:  How do we support our cause?
  7. Metrics:  What do we measure and what do these numbers mean?

Okay, so they’re all M’s — sorry I couldn’t resist.  But, my point is these are basic questions each church must answer.  Too often we assume that everybody knows the answers to all these questions, but do we really?  These questions, and others I am sure, might help us focus on who we are as a church.  What do you think?  Do you have any other M’s to add?