#delete Facebook

So, I did it. I deleted Facebook — the app, the link, and my account. I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog, but it will no longer appear in your Facebook feed. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “#delete Facebook”

  1. Hey Chuck, I have to ask, “Why?” I post daily encouragements that seem to help folks and be a source of inspiration. So, I’m just curious as to why. Thanks, Jimmy

    1. Jimmy, good to hear from you. Facebook’s latest (that we know about) security breach, plus all the craziness on the platform are not appealing to me. I know I’m not starting a movement here, but I focusing on real people in my own community more. I’ve been leaving Facebook for some time, but the Cambridge Analytica scandal was the last straw for me. Hope all is well with you! -Chuck

  2. I get it and understand your reasons. I too have thought about departing as well, perhaps I will at some point. Many blessings to you! – Jimmy

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