My Biopsy Is Negative

We got good news this morning from the surgeon who performed the biopsy surgery. My biopsy was negative for lymphoma. They attribute the PET scan results to “reactive” lymph glands which can be the result of an infection.

Possibly the infection came from the virus I had in January. In any event that seems to narrow it to an auto-immune disorder. I still am struggling with the symptoms of numbness in hands and feet, and some loss of activity in legs and some body functions.

I have a follow-up with the Duke hematologist next Tuesday, then my neurologist at the end of April. I appreciate your continuing prayers for whatever the next steps are. During this Easter season an “alleluia” or two is our response to this good news!

16 thoughts on “My Biopsy Is Negative”

  1. Chuck, praise be to God for answered prayer. We are so happy for you and Debbie. Miracles do happen. It couldn’t have been to a more deserving couple. Nancy Ervin

  2. Oh my. Beyond good news! Continued prayers and support from your friends in Nashville.
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  3. I’m so happy for your good news! And now, you’re on another journey to try to discover what is really going on in your body. That’s a journey I’ve been on for 16 months now and I’m so tired of it. Trying not to get discouraged is a true test of my faith. I sincerely pray that you won’t have to wait so long. Janice said the Sunday service was so special for everyone!

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  4. That is wonderful news.=Now they can move on and do a different treatment. God is so good and always standing at our side.

  5. God never fails us, even in our weakest moments…so very happy and praying for complete healing.

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