A Great Day Sunday and Back To Work on Monday

We had a great day on Easter Sunday! Les Adams led the service, Don Reagan read scripture, Eleanor Haskins presented the children’s sermon, others prayed, Charlotte was amazing on the organ, and the choir outdid themselves on Resurrection Sunday. Thanks to our great lay leaders, all I had to do was preach — and I got to do that sitting down!

Seriously, it was great to be back, and folks graciously welcomed me home after a three week absence. No one was happier than Debbie and I were. To top it off, we had guests from our former church in Greensboro. Fran Moseley, the minister of music then, and Nancy Davis, our accompanist, and her husband, Jerry were welcomed guests at our service. Actually, some of our folks thought they were a pastor search committee, so they weren’t welcomed warmly at first until that issue was out of the way!

This week I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who did the biopsy, and hopefully I will start physical therapy. Debbie spent part of the morning on the phone with Medi-Share, a Christian medical bill sharing ministry that we have subscribed to since 2008. They were very helpful in clarifying everything, and advising us on physical therapy. To top it off, I was in the office a couple of hours this morning, until I got really tired. But, at least I got started. We hope to hear from the biopsy on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I’ll update you when we do. Until then, our faith is in the God who raised Jesus from the dead during this Easter season.

6 thoughts on “A Great Day Sunday and Back To Work on Monday”

  1. A really wonderful update. Prayers are still with you both, my friends. We all can only wait and hope for a good report in a day or so. Hugs, Ellen

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  2. What a wonderful Sunday and Monday. And so appreciative of your report as people in Georgia have been asking about you. So glad you were able to preach and know that God blessed your sermon. Still remembering you and Debbie as you await the results of the biopsy.

  3. I so hope you get a good report this week. Take care of yourself and always in my prayers.

  4. Chuck, this is certainly an answer to many prayers. Your determination and attitude are surely helping your body to heal. This is also a chance for the rest of us to pitch in and do some of the many ministries that you always take care of! You are loved as a pastor and a friend.

  5. So thrilled that things are proceeding so well. Still praying for you at Pine Lake. Helen Adams

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