Going Home

I may be going home this afternoon! I have one more plasma pheresis treatment and they want to watch me for awhile after that, but barring any problems we should go home late this afternoon. (Or tomorrow at the latest but I’m counting on today!)

The good news is that there is noticeable improvement. I now have some reflex response in both legs, which I did not have yesterday. I can stand and walk more steadily, too, so hopefully whatever I have is leaving gradually.

I see the surgeon and hematologist next week for follow up and will get biopsy results then. Until then, we are grateful to God for these hopeful signs, and to you for praying for us. See you in Chatham!

17 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. I’m thrilled to hear it and so happy for you both! It makes my heart smile! To God be the glory, amen!

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  2. Chuck and Debbie, We are all looking forward to having you in the pulpit Sunday. Please know that we are all with you for the future and do not want you to exhaust yourself too soon. Everyone is looking forward to your returning. God does answere prays. Thank you for keeping us informed. We love you both and will not stop praying. Paulette and Henry

  3. O Chuck! What wonderful news! Please send me a copy of your sermon! Miss you so much. Keep us posted.

    nancy and jerry

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