Biopsy Complete and Successful

The biopsy went well today. The surgeon was able to take three lymph glands from my left groin. Lab results will be available in 2-3 days, so by Thursday or Friday we ought to know something.

Tomorrow I have another plasma pheresis treatment. Physical therapy is also scheduled to work with me. Both physical therapy and the plasma pheresis treatments have enabled me to walk better with a walker.

I keep reminding the doctors that I want to go home on Friday. Until then we’re here at Duke. God’s grace is indeed sufficient and his strength is made perfect in weakness. Thank you for your prayers.

10 thoughts on “Biopsy Complete and Successful”

  1. Every night, Pastor. I pull you in during my prayers for my family. God be with you this Holy week and every week. Your faith inspires us all.

  2. Chuck, so happy that the biopsy went well today and that within 2-3 days you will have an answer about the cancer. Indeed God’s grace and mercy are totally sufficient for all of our needs. Love you my brother. May you sleep well tonight knowing that the Lord is on your side. Jim D.

  3. I’m glad that part is over with and hope you are not hurting. Be hopeful and comforted by prayer as I know you are. A reminder…we’re getting through this!”. Love you both

  4. Whoo-Hoo! Mission accomplished! Let’s get those results and get on with it! I’m so happy everything went well, and that you’re doing better with walking. Whoever thought at this age that people would be giving you holy high fives for walking! It’s like the excitement of first baby steps again. Boy, do we take things for granted! I have high hopes for Friday and really pray you’ll be able to go home to Chatham, your own bed, and the comfort of your church family again. There truly is no place like home. Good luck!

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