Biopsy on Tuesday

I had a busy day today. The plasma pheresis folks showed up this morning about 9:30 am. The treatment finished about 11:45am, so it took quit a while. However I think the treatments are helping because I am walking better than a few days ago.

While the treatment was going on, the surgeon came in to talk to me. After examining me, he decided to take out a lymph gland in my left groin area. Although this is often done as outpatient surgery, they do put you to sleep. The surgery is scheduled for 2:45 pm on Tuesday, so I would appreciate your prayers then.

I also had a swallowing test. The test consists of swallowing vast amounts of some very nasty barium while they X-ray you from various positions. Apparently I passed, so we can rule out one more thing.

We’re still planning to be home Friday evening, and I will remind the doctors of that tomorrow. We are so grateful for all of you who are praying. Keep it up, especially tomorrow at 2:45 pm. As one of our favorite songs says, “It is well with my (our) soul…”

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  1. Both you and your surgeon will be in my prayers tomorrow, especially at 2:45PM.  I am so happy to see your last sentence that “it is well with your soul”.  I’ve found that, during some of my darkest hours of late with medical issues, that whatever happened, I was at peace with it.  I found a rendition of “It is well with my Soul” by Wintley Phipps at the ITunes on my phone and bought and downloaded it.  I’ve played that so many times and it’s brought me such comfort and courage in facing the issues I had.  If you’re looking for such a song, I highly recommend it. May God’s peace be with you tomorrow. 


  2. Lifting you up in prayer daily Chuck. We love you and Debbie so much and know that God is with you every step of this journey….

  3. Of course I will be praying all day for safe and quick surgery. Also that they find answers and that you both can be home on Good Friday. Lord bless and keep you safe and comfortable today and always.

  4. This is Buck’s sister Sue praying for you and following your blog daily. I hope you can feel all these prayers. Your friend Mike is my husband’s minister. What an inspiration you are to so many people!

  5. We are following your blog regularly and appreciate the updates. Will pray for you this afternoon!
    Jeff and Sherry (Sheff and Jerry!)

  6. Praying for you and Debbie constantly and hoping to see you soon. Much love to you both and God’s blessings, Jean H. Vernon

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