A Quiet Sunday

Not much happened today which is what we expected. I did get another IV bag of calsium because the plasma pheresis treatments strip too much of the calcium from your body.

Debbie pushed me down to the cafeteria and later the in-hospital Starbucks. Before that we had a nice visit from Ben and Betty Davenport. They gave us a great report on worship at our church this morning. Several other friends and my dad called, and we enjoyed hearing from each one.

Tomorrow I am told I will have a swallow test, a surgical biopsy of another lymph node, and my fourth plasma pheresis treatment. We appreciate more than you can know all of the prayers, calls, cards, and visits. We feel your prayers which give us strength each day. Pray for a definite diagnosis and treatment plan this week. We are at peace with whatever comes our way.

5 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday”

  1. Still praying daily for complete healing. Our God has a plan for you and will see you through this one day at a time…..

  2. Good to hear you had a restful Sunday. I hope today goes well and the tests go quickly. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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  3. I include you in my prayers and hope that soon you will back home and able to get going with your normal lives. Stay strong!

  4. I have been following this for several days. We prayed for you and Debbie at Kentuck choir rehearsal last week. I continue to remember you in prayer and pray for the doctors as they minister to you. I think you might remember the song we did while I was there, “Bow the Knee”. The words, “And when we don’t understand the purpose of his plan, in the presence of the King, bow the knee.” There is an army of prayer warriors doing just that!

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