Busy, Tiring Day

Today was a busy day. Just as I  was about to eat my oatmeal, the nurse came and took it away because my biopsy was scheduled for sometime today. A bevy of doctors examined and talked with me throughout the day. Physical and occupational therapy put me through the paces.

In the afternoon I had another plasma pheresis treatment. While that was going on for over two hours, additional doctors came in. Then, because I mentioned some chest pain, the EKG cart showed up. All the people in my room reminded me of that old Groucho Marx movie where people keep coming into his hotel room until they all tumble out the door!

Finally at 4 PM, they came to get me for my biopsy. The team decided that a lymph node under my right arm was the most accessible. After considerable probing they finally got a large enough sample to test. Lab work will take 2 days, so by Friday we should know if I have lymphoma.

Thank you for all the cards, prayers, visits, emails and all the other expressions of help and concern. We love each of you and we’re still trusting the God of the Angel Armies (as Eugene Peterson says) for His healing power.

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  1. My prayers are with each of you. I know you are going thru a battle, but God is so good and he will care for you. Hope tomorrow will be a better day/.

  2. Wow! You wrung the most out of this day, didn’t you? I’m glad the biopsy was finally done. The sooner they know what’s going on, the sooner appropriate treatment begins. I talked with Janice this morning after she had seen Debbie and felt really good about where the two of you are right now. I’m so proud that the both of you advocated for yourselves. A serious medical situation is not the time or place to be nice or let others make decisions for you. Hang in there. We’re all praying for you and your doctors in the days ahead. I hope you’re able to rest tonight. Thanks for the post.

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  3. We remembered you at Church tonight. Mill Creek Community Church We will continue to pray for you.

  4. You know you’re in for a tough day when they won’t even let you eat oatmeal. It’s oatmeal. Blander than bland. That was a rough day, Chuck. Hopefully they let you watch the Price is Right.

  5. Hey Pastor Warnock! It’s Mrs. Kerry from the Mess Hall! Keeping you and your family in my heart. Wishing I could make you something delicious to eat….Keep the faith, friend…you have touched so many of us!

  6. Just arived in Chatham today to check on Mom!! She is so worried about you! I thought I would drop you a line for her She said she is thinking of you,you are in her prayers! and is looking foward to the Lemon aid chats with you and Debbie God Bless

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