First Day at Duke

I had an uneventful move to Duke University Hospital last night. and I slept most of the night for the second night in a row, so that was very good. This morning I met my medical team as they made rounds. On Saturdays not much in the way of testing takes place, but of course they did draw more blood several times today.

The next step is a nerve test called an EMG I think. Also they are still waiting on blood panels (a series of blood tests related to one aspect) to come back from a California lab, so hope too have those early next week.

I did walk about 25 feet and back today using my new walker, so that was good. Pain management is improving but we need to find something other than morphine as it has obvious drawbacks including rebound pain if used too long. My right leg is noticeably weaker when the doctor tested me this morning, and I noticed it when walking this afternoon. Some additional muscle problems have developed in my lower bowel. Without being too graphic, this is not a good problem to have.

Please continue to pray. Our confidence is in God who does all things well.

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  1. My prayers for you continue. Things get more puzzling each day but I hope after the testing is over that there will be answers and a plan to make things better. Isn’t it strange that you were going along in your daily life and all of a sudden it went kaboom? I totally identify with that and understand how you feel. It can become extremely frustrating and hard to deal with. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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  2. Dear Chuck, Our hearts, thoughts and prayers will be with you daily as you endure
    this painful and puzzling time. Please know how much we are with you in thought,
    and how much we are pulling for you to get well and strong. We send our love to you and Debbie both.
    Teresa and David Ehrlich

  3. Hi chuck,

    Can you let us know what room you are in? And are you up to a visitor?

    Nancy and Jerry

  4. We are praying! Will miss you at church tomorrow. Love

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  5. Glad they are taking good care of you!

    “Get Well Wishes” loaded with warmth and sunshine. 🙂

    Love & Prayers

  6. Bill and I are praying for you and Debby, Chuck. I thought I’d forward something that someone encouraged me with a number of years ago: Apparently {I don’t know from where this came so I can’t document}, there are 66 major disease groups from which all other disease-families relate/ originate. And so, this person said, that there were 66 stripes on Jesus’ back prior to crucifixion. In other words, He died , not only for all of our sins but all our diseases, as well. That thought gives depth to the scripture “By HIs stripes we ARE healed”.. When you feel discouraged and frustrated, Jesus will give you victory from the attacks of the enemy. He promises that.
    Bill and JoAnne Ivie

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