Good Day and Helpful Physical Therapy

Today was as good as last night was bad. I got some rest while Debbie ran a few errands. Pain levels decreased and I was basically pain-free this afternoon.

One new development is that I may have shingles on my back now. This has just developed and is a similar problem to the other neuropathy I have. So, when it rains, it pours!

I will have one final MRI tomorrow and then we get to come home Thursday afternoon. Home will certainly look good, although we could not have asked for better care here.

The lymphoma diagnosis is still preliminary, but the most important thing is to get home, get back to church, and get back to our congregation and community. I
My next post is from home!

7 thoughts on “Good Day and Helpful Physical Therapy”

  1. Mr. Warnock, just wanted to let you know that we at Advent UMC are sending prayers your way.–Laurie Brown-Pressly

  2. Oh my…shingles too!!!! Poor thing!!! Jim had shingles and was very miserable!!! So sorry for a restless night, but can’t wait for you both to be home. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, and I feel like I have been stalking your blog so I can report back to everyone else that have you and Debbie in their constant thoughts and prayers. I hate to be repetitive, but if there is ANYTHING we can do, PLEASE do not hesitate to call day or night. You have my cell phone number and it is always with me. Hope tonight is good, and will be really happy when you both are back in VA!!!!!

    Jim and Cheryl
    The Hastings

  3. Dear Chuck and Debbi
    My heart goes out to you for all that you are facing. You are in my heart and thoughts for recovery. Montrue

  4. Chuck and Debbie – I know you are both happy to be going home. We will be praying for safe travels. Just know that your Greensboro friends are keeping you close in thought and prayer while you’re back in Virginia. Please let us know when you return to Greensboro (if you’re up to having visitors for a SHORT time. Jeff and I (or Chef and I) would love to see you both again. Lots of Love, Jeff and Sherry Colbert

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