Easter Podcast: The God We’ve Been Waiting For

On this Easter Sunday we hear the words of Isaiah 25:6-9, written over 600 years before the birth of Jesus. In Isaiah’s day, the nation of Judah believed that God has left them. Isaiah reminds them what will happen when the God they are waiting for returns. That promise is fulfilled in the coming of Jesus, and in his death and resurrection.

Isaiah says that when God returns God will remove the shroud of death from over the nation, swallow up death itself, wipe every tear from their eyes, and throw a big banquet in celebration. All of these images foreshadow the coming of Christ, the kingdom of God, and the great banquet God is preparing. Here’s the link to the podcast —


3 thoughts on “Easter Podcast: The God We’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. For someone who obviously opposes Christianity, you spend a lot of time researching your position. I certainly support your right to your opinions, but if we are content to let you deny the existence of God, why are you not able to do the same to those who affirm God’s existence?

    1. Those who ‘ affirm a gods literal existence ‘ do so on an emotional, church based propaganda and empty emotional pleas. All of which in total are not worth diddly squat in legitimate terms!

      Me benevolence and integrity will not permit such lies to go unchallenged and that goes for ALL so called religions and Johnny Come Lately Cults like yours now!

  2. By the way, I wasn’t referring to the doctrine of the Trinity, but thanks for the quote from Fortman. I would probably agree with this statement, and acknowledge that the doctrine of the Trinity was formulated to address controversies within the Church.

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