Podcast: Preparing For The Kingdom Then and Now

What if the parable of the 10 bridesmaids isn’t about just the second-coming of Christ?  What if it was about the coming of the kingdom of God in the first century, and how some were prepared then, and some were not?  Does the warning of Jesus to watch and wait mean anything before he comes again?  I think so, and here is the sermon I preached on Sunday, November 6, 2011.  http://chuckwarnock.libsyn.com/preparing-for-the-kingdom-then-and-now

One thought on “Podcast: Preparing For The Kingdom Then and Now”

  1. Dear Brother in Christ
    Am very happy for your information about God you are sending to me ,I thank each of you for the work of God you are doing.Here in Kenya we don’t have people to tell us about God s news like you brother send to us many teachings to read true the my mailing box.nyansakia primary school box 3 ogembo code 20404 Gucha.
    yours George Morara .

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