Strengths of a Small Church webinar now online

For those of you who missed the webinar, The Strengths of a Small Church, with Brandon O’Brien and me, the video is online now.  Tim Avery at put it up yesterday at their site.  The seminar was well-attended with lots of participation in the comments and chat portions of the webinar screen.  The webinar ran about an hour, so grab some coffee, get comfy and tune in when it’s convenient.

2 thoughts on “Strengths of a Small Church webinar now online”

  1. I have worked with small and medium sized churches. This is my first time to pastor, as I have always done the music or music & Youth. The seminar should be a “Must” for each small to medium size church. I shared with my men’s prayer group yesterday (July 5) morning. They were enthusiastic in their response to “Let’s do a few things really well.”

  2. John, thanks for your comment and glad you found it helpful. Brandon’s book, The Strategically Small Church, is scheduled for release this month. Look for it and get it because he does a great job of writing about why some churches have chosen to use “small” as a strategy. BTW, I noticed your email address — I actually saw Pavoratti in Shanghai, China one evening as he and his entourage were leaving the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Quite a thrill for me!

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