Day: May 19, 2010

‘Tour of Small Churches’ Coming Out in Small Church Issue

I just finished writing “A Tour of Small Churches in America” article for Outreach magazine.  I’m not sure that will be the final title, but in the article I sketch 7 types of small churches, and other writers are profiling a specific church in each category.

The seven categories of small churches we cover include:

  1. Traditional small churches;
  2. Marketplace churches;
  3. Lifestyle churches;
  4. Ethnic or immigrant churches;
  5. Multicultural churches;
  6. New church starts;
  7. Intentionally-small churches.

I can’t give away all the goodies in the piece, but trust me, there are some.  Plus, I haven’t even seen the real-life profiles of specific examples of each kind of small church.  Actually, we could have included a few more types of small churches such as neomonastic, liturgical, and mission-driven.  Maybe we’ll save those for another day and another article.

All of these articles, and more good stuff, will be in the annual small church issue coming out in July/August.  You just have time to subscribe to Outreach magazine so that you won’t miss this big, small church edition.  Now back to our regular programming.