Would You Use This Easter Billboard?

St. Matthew In The City Church in Auckland, New Zealand is an Anglican congregation which uses some edgy advertising to get the largely unchurched Auckland population to think.

This Easter, St. Matthew’s put up this billboard explaining that in the Orthodox tradition there is a practice of humor which dispels the gloom of Jesus’ death.  Someone took offense, and vandalized the billboard, crudely spray painting a reference to John 3:16 in the place of the original message.

What do you think?  Did the church go too far?  Is the vandalism the work of fundamentalists?  Or do you think St. Matthew’s hit a nerve that they intended to hit?  Hat-tip to Religion Dispatches for the heads up and their article.  Here are the photos of the before and after billboard:

5 thoughts on “Would You Use This Easter Billboard?”

  1. I believe the “edgy” church hit the mark. At times I’m not sure my congregation remembers anything except how to get to the restaurant.

  2. I think they definitely hit a nerve. These days, it seems like people only hear what they want to hear and block out anything that doesn’t fit into their lifestyles. Maybe they got some people thinking.

  3. makes me think that they are just really bad at communicating the message of Christ, if they have to resort to such methods to get people to listen/pay any attention.

  4. I wonder what there motives are, their web site doesn’t hide their liberal theology…
    Same-sex couples will discover they are most welcome at St Matthew’s. Should you desire to have a civil union or have your relationship blessed at St Matthew’s please contact Clay Nelson for further details. We are delighted when any couple wishes to pledge their love, trust, and fidelity to each other before God and in the presence of their friends and family.
    What gospel message are they portraying?

  5. Dear Pastor,

    What can I say about this? I was reading this church website, and I know I am not one to judge, but it is embarrasing for Christianity what this church do, I think if they used this advertisement is because they are not really preaching what they need preach the true gospel. I am very conservative, and at the same time I truly believe that God does not change, we can surely do things better, make the world a better place, we cab try a kind of reform like what you have been implementing in your church, but I am agaisnt of the message that this church is preaching. Now same sex blessing unions? I have no words to describe my discouragement.

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