Doing God’s Work Pays Well If You’re Verizon or Goldman-Sachs

I thought we had heard it all when the chairman of Goldman-Sachs testified that they were “doing God’s work.” Apparently, that altruistic assertion went so well that Verizon has picked up the refrain.

In a response to the FTC’s request for justification for their high fees, Verizon claims their higher early termination fees “help the poor by making it more affordable for them to access the mobile internet,” according to

Of course, both companies made billions of dollars this year.  Apparently doing God’s work pays very well.

3 thoughts on “Doing God’s Work Pays Well If You’re Verizon or Goldman-Sachs”

  1. In a world where Christians quote Ayn Rand and compassion is derided, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked that now corporate bodies want credit for exploring profit as if it was righteousness.

  2. We’ve seen the merger of God and money in so many people’s eyes now and this is the obvious direction of the path of prosperity gospel and many other theologies that, I believe, border on false prophecy. I’ve got lots of friends who are quoting Ayn Rand to me and saying they believe in scripture at the same time. I’m not sure how to even discuss the topic given Rand’s atheism and message that is so antithetical to that of Jesus.

  3. Interesting that Rand came up in both your quotes. The old self-serving, self-righteousness in both corporations and individuals dies hard. Rand fosters a kind of mythical self-reliance that isolates others, is arrogant and not at all close to the good news of Jesus. Thanks for your comments.

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