Unplugged the cable again

dsc04146About 3 years ago, Debbie and I unplugged the cable TV and stashed our 27″ big black box behind an upstairs couch.  And we went cable-less for almost 18-months.  Then the presidential election came along, and we turned it back on last fall.  Yesterday I turned in the cable box and we’re TV-less again.

Actually, we still have the big black box, only this time it’s upstairs in our bedroom hooked only to the DVD player.  We do this in self-defense because when the grandchildren come, they bring DVDs which give them hours of fun, and us hours of peace and quiet.  Okay, so we’re not purists, but we are living without broadcast TV again.

We actually like being without TV.  We like the quietness, and lack of visual and auditory clutter in our lives.  We also like not wasting time watching endless couples on HGTV look for their next home, or try to sell the one they’ve got.  We do miss the old movies on Turner Classic Movies, but our library has a nice selection of classic movies which we can checkout for free anytime.

The main thing I like is I get more things done without TV.  I read more, write more, and Debbie and I talk more about lots of different things.  Of course, we’re not off screens altogether.  I’m on my laptop, and she’s on her iMac right now.  But we are done with TV.  Again.  But this time I think for good.

Oh, I read today that Web TV is coming soon, and so are the sets configured for Web TV watching.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  But until then, Olbermann and O’Reilly will have to duke it out without us.  I feel better already.

Update: The New York Times reported today on the increasing use of vulgar, suggestive, and profane language on broadcast and cable TV.  Another reason to disconnect.

3 thoughts on “Unplugged the cable again”

  1. Chuck, I too canceled most of my cable channels because I realised I was paying for something i had no interest in watching. Since then, I have used money saved for a monthly membership with Netflix where I can watch documentaries, biographical movies, independent movies (our video store closed this year). I read a comment recently that said, “Television makes us even more intelligent. It makes us go into another room and read a book.”

  2. This is good stuff! I have the very basis, basic cable, just enough to watch the news and let my daughter watch PBS cartoons. We also are blessed with TBN that gives her Godly cartoons. I can’t imagine paying all that $$ to waste time vegging when we were created to be so much more for God. With Pams comment above, I think the only Book we really should be reading is The Bible; and of course some good Christian authors. I see so much lukewarmness in the church today and just shake my head. What would Jesus be doing if He was here today? I doubt He would be found in fromt of a TV set. God Bless You! Robin

    1. We did the basic cable thing for awhile, too. That is the better choice, if you’re going to have it. We just decided that we really didn’t need it at all. Of course, our other “screens” on the macs and blackberries call our names far too often, too. One step at a time, I suppose. Thanks for stopping by, Robin.

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