Free book: The Full Plate Diet

This offer is no longer available.  The book is on Amazon here.

Who doesn’t need to eat better and lose a few pounds in the process?  Especially after all those church covered-dish lunches.  The Lifestyle Center of America is giving away 20,000 advance reader copies of The Full Plate Diet.  Hurry, they’re going fast! Here’s the scoop direct from the pres and CEO himself:

Email from Sid Lloyd, President and CEO Lifestyle Center of America:

We are in the process of preparing for a January launch of a revolutionary new, easy to use, diet book.  I almost hate to use the term “diet book” because it is so much more than a diet book, it’s actually more like a healthy nutrition guide disguised as a diet book.  Using the latest evidence-based research in behavior change, we have drawn on our 14 year experience of working with over 4,000 individuals to craft a beautiful and unique book that truly delivers results.  When we launch The Full Plate Diet (sounds filling, right?) in January of 2010, it will retail for $19.95.  But you and everyone you send this email to can get an advance reader’s copy for free if you hurry.

Why hurry?  Because we have printed only 20,000 (that’s twenty thousand) advance reader copies that we are shipping free (you pay nothing, nada, zip) to people who would like to try this out.  With the way that electronic information flows, they are going to be snapped up quickly.  My hope is that you will get your free advance reader’s copy, thumb through it, be impressed, try the diet, and tell us how you do and how we can improve the book.

Remember, we’re a non-profit organization whose only mission is to improve the health and vitality of human beings around the world.  And I’m really hoping that one of them will be you.

Go to to learn more about the book and to claim your free advance reading copy of The Full Plate Diet.


Sid Lloyd
President & CEO
Ardmore Institute of Health
dba Lifestyle Center of America

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9 thoughts on “Free book: The Full Plate Diet”

  1. Thanks for the supporting our cause. All 20,000 advance reading copies have been requested now credited to supporters like yourself. Our publisher is allowing us to put an electronic version on the website on August 15th.
    Thanks again!

  2. I was lucky enough to acquire one of the free books from a great friend of mine. I had forgotten how delicious natural, whole foods can be — and I totally get the concept of a high-fiber diet now. After only a few days, I feel great and food tastes so much better without all the chemicals and processed foods! It will be very easy for me to stick to this lifestyle change.

  3. I’m really enjoying my copy of the Full Plate Diet. It is well presented, colorful, and filled with common sense ideas. I like it because the program is easy and uncomplicated, yet ultimately healthy!


  4. Would love to receive your free book, The Full Plate Diet. What do I need to do? Thanks, Betty Wolfe

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