Helping our neighbor

Today our local TV station interviewed me about our latest project — helping a man on disability fix his burned-out home so he can quit living in his tool shed.  Here’s the video that aired tonight on WSET, Lynchburg.

3 thoughts on “Helping our neighbor”

  1. Way to go, Chuck! What a great picture of Jesus you and your church are to Melvin and to your whole community!

  2. The news story was great. When it comes to Christianity, our television set are bulging with those that only take from others, it’s nice to hear the TV ring with the sound a church that gives.

    Praying for you preacher!

    Ronnie Brown

  3. Kevin and Ronnie, thanks. A lot of folks are helping us with this project, but we felt we had to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your encouragement. -Chuck

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