Great Day at The Cove

Debbie and I are at The Cove this week.  Today I led “Keys To Thriving in the Smaller Church” during two sessions this afternoon.  I was told that we had the highest attendance of any of the afternoon seminars, which was great!  Lots of small church pastors here this week getting revived and refreshed.  And, lots of them already doing great things in ministry.

Cove051209Tomorrow I’m leading “Outreach Ideas to Help Your Church Change Your Community,” plus a session on using the internet in outreach.  Should be another great day.  Tonight Bishop J. D. Wiley of the Life Center Cathedral of New Orleans preached on “The Name of Jesus.”  It was another powerful message on using the name of Jesus.  I’m exhausted, so I’ll try to post quotes from Bishop Wiley’s sermon tomorrow.

If you ever have the chance to come to The Billy Graham School of Evangelism at The Cove, please do so.  A beautiful setting, wonderful staff, delicious meals, and great speakers (I’m the lone exception this year). More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Great Day at The Cove”

  1. I really enjoyed the small church session. There is a lot that you said that I will have to sit down later, chew on, and digest. One thing that stands out is the not giving up comment. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Ronnie, thanks and I enjoyed meeting you. Let’s keep up, and let me know how things are going. The ppt is on its way to you. Blessings, Chuck

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