Day: April 1, 2009

Students Open to Faith and Culture Conversation

ut-knoxville-campusToday I talked with 35 students who expressed interest in contributing to a faith and culture news website written by college students.  I was one of 14 roundtable discussion leaders who met with over 100 University of Tennessee journalism students today.  The seminar was a “public conversation of web journalism.”

The event’s organizer, Dr. Jim Stovall, journalism faculty member, was pleased with the turnout of both students and media professionals.  I represented the religious community.  I talked to the students about blogging and building an online presence.  I also discussed how blogging can lead to other opportunities like conference speaking and writing books.

Jim Stovall told me that several students sought me out because they wanted to discuss faith in the media.  I presented the idea of — a faith and culture news website.  The articles, we hope, will be written by students and for young adults. is a news site featuring a faith angle to news and feature writing.

Ed Stetzer’s new book, Lost and Found, concluded that young adults (under 30) were more open to faith conversations and were more spiritual than those over-30.  My experience today seemed to bear that out.  Tomorrow I speak to two journalism classes and meet with a book publisher.  I’ll keep you posted.