If churches got reviews

Shaun KingFilms get them, so do books, and even products.  What are they?  Reviews.  Five stars.  Personal experiences from real people who used/read/saw whatever it is they are reviewing.  But what if churches got reviews?  Well, if they did, here’s one you’d like to get.  Thanks to Shaun King at Courageous Church in Atlanta for the link.

The “reviewer” attended Courageous Church as a favor to his sister, but found a home.  His blog post recounted his life story of church experiences.  And then he came to Courageous Church.  Keep reading:

Then I came across the Courageous Church. I went initially to support my sister. But I found myself in awe. While I sat waiting for the service to start, a dj came on stage and began spinning. Puzzled, I wondered if he knew that service was about to start and prayed that he didn’t play something inappropriate. He didn’t. As it turned out, that was part of service. Folks were dressed in all manner. Some wore jeans some were more dressy. They came as they were. Not how they wanted the world to believe them to be. I was intrigued.

President Barack Obama said in a speech on race that Sunday morning was the most segregated hour in America and he was/is correct. This is when our hidden bias’ both Black and White dress up in their Sunday best demanding homage. We oblige by surrounding ourselves with those that look like us, talk like us and know, even unconsiously, the “proper” color of the Creator. Imagine that. This church was equally comprised of Black and White members, who not only shared the same service, but were warm and gracious in their greetings and conversation.

Pastor Shaun is younger than me and I’m 40. Yes, you will have to pray over that if you are old like me but that’s another post altogether. He said something during the first service that struck me. He was discussing the urgent need for us to get involved in the missions Jesus had undertaken. Specifically, he was dealing with hunger, you can check out the church’s work initiative at http://www.theywilldie.org. But he said that, “We need to feed these folks, they don’t have to accept Christ, we just need to feed them.” That sold me. No agenda. Genuine love for others.

Service is short and the emphasis is not on Sunday, it is on living and working during the week to carry out the mission Jesus came to complete. And moreover, to “do ye greater things.” I’m excited about church again and no, this is not your mama’s church.

Five stars, I’d say.  Wouldn’t you like to get a review like this?  I would.  Thanks, Shaun.  I give you two thumbs up!

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  1. Shaun, no problem. You guys are doing good work. Glad I found your blog and churchsite. I feature you from time to time on NewChurchReport.com. Keep it up. – Chuck

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