Is there a Doctor in the house?

I keep getting emails announcing that I’ve been selected for a PhD.  I wish they would send it to me because I’m actually having to study to complete my DMin at Fuller, not to mention pay the tuition.  Plus, the program at Fuller can take seven years, while my email offer appears to be immediate.

I guess the free PhD folks do have some takers, or else they wouldn’t be sending these emails.  I’m sure there’s a catch — there’s always a catch and most of the time it involves money.

So, here’s the question of the day —

If you could get a degree without studying, would you?  And would you call yourself ‘Doctor?’

Okay, let me hear from you because I bet you’ve gotten those emails, too.   A related topic is resume inflation, so fire away on that one, too, if you like.  Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Is there a Doctor in the house?”

  1. Well, I plan on getting a PhD in the future so I can teach theology at the university level. So, if I could get that degree without studying I think I would pass. I rather know what I am talking about and take seven years to get the degree than be a “doctor” working at Burger King because I won’t be teaching with an e-mail degree.

    Funny story however. The principle of my old high school got his PhD like that and made it look like he did the time and got it from a university. It fooled everyone for awhile even the BOE. When they found out, he lost his job and can’t even teach in the state of Georgia because of it.

  2. I would do the work to earn it. Part of having a Degree or PhD is the learning and growth that goes with it. That is what I am after….not just the piece of paper.

  3. I’m looking into the D.Min myself, and hope that the experience, hard work, travel, classroom interaction, etc. will be the most important part of the growth experience. Getting a degree is a lot more than just filling out a form, reading a book list, or making the grade.

    There are plenty of great pastors, preachers, and evangelists who’ve never been to seminary, I think Billy Graham is one. But I hope most would be upfront an honest about it.

    Perhaps more folks interested in a title should follow the example of Chet Atkins, who signed his name with a self-awarded title: “CGP,” or “Certified Guitar Picker.”

  4. The pursuit of learning should always be a part of our lives, but it should be about learning and not just degrees. A bogus degree would be just that, bogus.

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