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If you could ask Andy Stanley any question about small churches, what would it be?

images-3Outreach magazine wants to give small church pastors the opportunity to ask Andy Stanley a question about small church outreach. Selected questions will be featured in Outreach magazine’s annual Small Church Issue later this year.

If you think Andy is an unlikely guy to know much about small churches, think again.  His experience as a church planter, visioneer, author, and student of church life uniquely qualifies Andy to coach small church pastors and leaders.

What are you waiting for?  Post your question to Andy in the comment box on this post.  Include your contact information — name, church, location, email, phone — so the editors can follow up with you should your question be chosen.  I’m looking forward to your questions and to Andy’s answers!

7 thoughts on “Ask Andy Stanley a question”

  1. 1. How do you hold the balance b/w striving to be the right kind of church that is both spirtually vibrant and passionate about reaching people with the gospel without placing an improper (or appropriate) emphasis on size?

    2. How would you lead a church that that has grown from 5 to 90 in 4-5 years, and now has every intention to keep moving forward? I’d love to hear about structure, teams, appropriate goals, etc.

  2. About half of the people at our worship gathering are new visitors each week. What’s the best way to integrate regular attendees while at the same time focusing on outreach to the new guests?

    What are some resources to help creatively integrate popular culture with the sacred? Our creative team (all volunteer) struggles sometimes with falling into a ‘creative rut’ or doing the same basic thing with only slight tweaks to it.


  3. How much did the late Dan Dehaan of the Metro Bible Study in Atlanta influence your teaching style? Since Dan Dehaan ocassionally spoke at your father’s church, First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Is there any way to find Dan Dehaan teaching on tape, and put him on YouTube for all to hear?

    In the late 70s, both Andy Stanley and I (separately) attended the Metro Bible Study in Atlanta. It began in Charles “Dad” Ellis’ basement, and grew to over 1,000. Dan Dehaan was the teacher then, and I think that Dan Dehaan greatly influenced Andy’s teaching style. Dan Dehaan died in 1982 in a plane crash in Paint Rock, Alabama at 33 years of age.

    I wish that recordings of Dan Dehaan’s teaching still existed because I’d like to compare the two.

    1. Hello, I was searching for information on Dan DeHaan because I also attended Metro Bible Study as a teenager and I saw your question. I would be interested in his teachings also.

  4. Dear Dr. Stanley,

    I’m having difficulty fighting off Communist urges. For example, I find myself feeling sympathy for those in my community pushing for “fair wages” for all city employees. What should I do?


    Jason Rhodes

  5. Pastor Stanley,
    I was blessed by the chance to spend evening in your hause with your family several years ago. You blessed me with your books and they changed my thinking about ministry. And now planting a new church in Germany, Munich for russian speaking population I have so many questions. Knowing limitation of your time here is only one: how you choose leaders for your ministry? especially in context of small church with limited people resurces. THanksa lot

  6. I, too, attended Metro Atlanta Bible study…driving from Rome, GA every Tuesday evening. I was saved in 1980 and attended every Tuesday for the next few years. What a blessing. Does the organization TCL still exist? I used to buy tapes from Training Church Leaders. I believe a gal named Sharon or Shelia continued the ministry after Dan’s death, and his wife, Penny also used to speak at church groups. It would be so awesome to have dvds of these series available!

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