Day: February 4, 2009

Sites you need to read

In my quest to rival Rupert Murdoch in the world of media, I have amassed a plethora of sites where my stuff and other people’s stuff can be seen:

  •  More improvements make this church news, views, and ideas site a must-check daily.  I edit the News sources we aggregate each day on the left column.  I also select the articles that are Featured in the center column; and, I handpick the Blogs posted in the right column.  Content changes each day with the newest selections at the top of each column.  The Spotlight focuses on a photo, cartoon, article or art work at the top of the page.  Bookmark the site and subsribe to the News feed.  Tell others and let me know what you want to see.
  •  Small churches are the focus here on this site where 6 categories of interest to small church leaders provide a wealth of information from around the internet.
  •  Ethics Daily’s redesigned website now carries my blog under the Columnists and Bloggers heading.  At Ethics Daily you’ll find original content, sermons, today’s hot issues, and articles from leading religious leaders.
  • Twitter: I post all the links to the newest articles I select each day on Twitter the instant I select them.  Follow me on Twitter for the most helpful church information available.
  • Facebook: I’m on Facebook and like a lot of what goes on there.  Friend me and I’ll friend you back.  All my stuff goes on Facebook, including my tweets, posts, and videos.
  • Alltop: I’m at Gary Kawasaki’s, along with a lot of great church blogs.

That’s the lineup for today.  I’m also on Friendfeed and YouTube, but I don’t frequent those as often as I do the above.  Of course, you can find me right here at Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor.  Add me to your feed reader, or subscribe by email or Twitter by clicking the button on my homepage.  There’s also a mobile site there, too, if you have a mobile data plan.  I’m trying to make it easy to follow me, grab the stuff that’s helpful, and get back to the work of ministry.  Let me know how I can help you.  Thanks for reading — without you I wouldn’t be here!

Join me at NOC09

Here’s the video promo I did for the fine folks at Outreach for the National Outreach Convention — NOC09 — in San Diego, November 4-6, 2009.  I hope you’ll join me and thousands of other church leaders in San Diego.  NOC is always a great event and this year I’ll be leading a couple of small church workshops, meeting with small church leaders, and hopefully signing copies of my new book (keep you fingers crossed on that one!).  Anyway, here’s the vid and excuse the production value (or lack thereof), I’m a newbie…