A Church Fight That Brings People To Church

churchfightsxUSA Today tells how one church turned its altar into a boxing ring, giving a whole new meaning to the term “church fight.”  New Life Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota set up the ring complete with ropes and corner posts, and staged a tae kwon do bout and several 2-minute rounds of sparring before an enthusiastic crowd of mostly young men.

Pastor Alex Klimchuk said, “We try to reach out to those who aren’t already going, who think church is boring,” says Klimchuk, 30. “The truth is, the church is having problems getting young men inside them. So we ask, ‘What will reach the guys?’ This seems like a perfect answer.”

I’ve been to a few church fights in my day, and they drew a crowd, but for all the wrong reasons.  And, after it was all over more people left than stayed.  Of course, we didn’t hand out boxing gloves or have the “card girl” announce what round it was in between blows.  Our fights were typical Baptist bouts, long on wind but short on substance.

This might start a whole new trend.  I can see pastors and deacons duking it out for the “Extreme Church Dude” title.  Of course, some would object to setting up the boxing ring in the sanctuary, which would start a mini-ruckus all its own.

Young guys especially like this sort of thing.  It’s not boring, like traditional church they said.  Of course, young guys like other stuff that would draw a crowd, too, but I suppose there is a line that we won’t cross.  Or is there?  Wait, let’s put the gloves on and settle it right now…

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5 thoughts on “A Church Fight That Brings People To Church”

  1. I guess it is sort of like Power Team. Several years ago when we taught in a Christian school my husband had the father of one our students who was a professional boxer speak in chapel. He didn’t fight during chapel but did speak with videos of his fights int he background.

  2. This reminds me of all the young pastors I know who are into UFC fights. Something about this seems wrong. Why would, pastors, or a church, want to promote violence, even if it is in sport? The gladiatorial battles during the Roman empire were considered sport as well, and we know what happen to Christians involved in that.

  3. There have been many times in the last 30 years of serving in Baptist and “baptistic”[whatever that really is] churches that i would have really appreciated a ring, or a mat. As a young man i played Judo and engaged in martial arts. Actually it got me kicked out of the Church of Christ, [see my blog entry]. There have been many deacons and members that would have greatly benefited from some “intense fellowship” and “constructive exhortation” with me in the ring.
    If this is what we use to bring young men in I suggest go-go dancers, or even strippers, men like this, it seems.
    At Dayspring we preach Jesus and Him Crucified. We have more men than women. it takes a real man to follow Jesus, and not indulge in UFC at church meetings. Even when you want to. and the other guy asks for it. And really ticks you off, and you know it would do him good. and nobody is looking.

  4. I’m sorry, but this just sounds cheesy and contrived. I’m a 31 year old male (the demographic described here) and something of this nature would just turn me off. Not to say it wouldn’t attract some, but I would be happier with more personal time with God to feel fulfilled.

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