Day: January 8, 2009

Take your blog mobile for free

logo_swiftIf you want to bring your church blog into the mobile world for free, here’s how.  I talked to a representative from today.  2ergo provides a mobile platform for high profile mobile content providers like music companies, celebrities, large corporations, and other big users.  Of course, their commercial platform has a pretty pricey monthly fee which is beyond the scope of most churches.  But, they offer a freebie if you can tolerate an ad at the top of your site.  

If you have a blog, this is really easy.  On your computer, go to and get started.  You can build your own mobile site, then use the RSS feed from your blog to provide the content.  

I built the mobile site this afternoon.  Here’s the fixed web version, and here’s the mobile web version.  If you have a mobile phone with internet access, look at the site on your mobile —

Two disclaimers:  

1) you have ads that appear on the mobile homepage.  I don’t mind this, but if you do there is a solution.  Pay $10 a month and you have an ad-free mobile site.  Not free, but pretty cheap for a mobile site.  

2)  Your mobile web address ends in  On the free service there are no custom web addresses, so you have to put up with this.  But I find it a minor inconvenience for access to a mobile site that works.  

Bobby Gruenewald of wrote recently that 2009 is the year the church better get mobile!  Here’s your chance.  Get your own mobile site today for free!