Day: December 30, 2008

Friday is for freebies!

faithandcultureHere’s the first of our “Friday is for freebies!” giveaways!  I’m posting thie early because of New Year’s.  

This week’s freebie is the DVD and participant’s guide of the Where Faith and Culture Meet series that I reviewed in 2007.  The DVD features six individuals and families involved in cross-cultural missional outreach.   I used the series on Wednesday nights to facilitate a dialogue about missional engagement.  The great thing is that most of the churches involved are small churches, so very encouraging for small church congregations.  

My review of this product is here, and you’re getting a $35 value for free!  Of course, I got it free for using and reviewing it and I hope you do the same after you use it in your church.  This is an excellent resource by Zondervan, so get in the game to win.  

Here’s what you do to win:

Be the 7th person to email me on Friday (not before), January 2, 2009,  and you’re the winner!  My email is chuckwarnock (at) gmail (dot) com.   That’s it!  Very easy to win this week, so put this on your to-do list for Friday.  

Alert:  Next week’s Freebie will require a Twitter account, and you have to follow me on Twitter to play.  You’ve been warned.  

If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to and create one.  Then find me at, and follow me.  Get familiar with Twitter’s @replies and direct messages, because those will come into play next week.  Stay tuned.