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The more I learn about, the more I like those folks.  I told you about the mobile edition for — an online Bible, journal, commentary, and community.   But wait, there’s more! also offers  This is a free cloud site for tracking church stats.  The LC-dot-tv folks take a simple approach — count the things that tell you the most about gathering people. allows you to record attendance, professions of faith, baptisms, and contributions.  And, it’s scalable, so you can track multiple services and multiple campuses.  

Multiple services and multiple campuses may not be your problem.  But, if you want to keep up with your church stats in a format that’s available from any computer, including mobile phones, is for you.  Did I say it was free?  It’s free.  Always has been, always will be, according to the site.  

Now, if that’s not enough for you, jog on over to for the free stuff on their site.  Churches are welcomed to download videos, lessons, and anything else they make available — for free!  I told you I like these folks.  

For the new year, I’m going to use just to give it a spin.  Unfortuately, they don’t let you import past data, so just start from the first Sunday in 2009, and track away!  Your church doesn’t need 9 campuses and thousands of people to benefit from good statistical info.   Happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks Chuck for the heads up on However, the metrics they track are verticle measurements. I wich they offered the ability to customize the stats one desires to track so that it could be used to track horizontal measurements. Alas, it is free.

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