Free YouVersion now for iPhones, Blackberries

I mentioned this yesterday on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and some other places, but if you don’t get those feeds, here’s an early Christmas present for you:  

YouVersion, an online multi-edition Bible, is now available for Blackberries.  The iPhone version has been out for a while, but now Crack Blackberry users can have it, too.

YouVersion is a very simple, but complete Bible in multiple translations — The Message, NIV, TNIV, ASB, KJV, NKJV, and a bunch of others.  No NRSV for some reason, but they are adding other translations, like the NLT which was up yesterday.  

But wait!  There’s more!  A read-thru-the-Bible plan brings up 3 passages a day for you to read, helping you read thru the Bible in one year.  I read yesterday and today, and it’s a real help.  You can change Bible translations, search keywords or phrases, search for specific passages, go to books and chapters, and more.  A really cool feature allows users to add comments, videos, and mp3 files at any chapter.  Other users can access those comment files while reading.  

YouVersion is brought to you by the good folks at, who are not paying me anything — although I can be bought 🙂 — to say this.  I just think it’s a very cool Bible and it’s FREE!  Did I say that already?  And, when you join the YouVersion community, you can invite all of your other friends to join, too.  So, Merry Christmas from the kind, innovative folks at LifeChurch. tv.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Free YouVersion now for iPhones, Blackberries”

  1. Good find, Chuck– I have the YouVersion Bible on my iPhone, and like it. I’m pleased with the range of translations available, and find the interface easy to use– easier, even, than the Olive Tree app that I had for my Palm. And I appreciate that I’m not stuck with only the KJV or the American Standard at the free level.

    One thing to note: from what I know, the free versions of the Bible translations are only available through an online connection. I understand that it is possible to purchase copies to have installed “locally” on the phones, but I haven’t explored this. When you load the free ones, it takes a few moments to load up because it is accessing the texts online– and consequently (again, from what I’ve been told– I haven’t tried this out intentionally), if you don’t have an active data connection, you cannot access them.

    This is particularly significant when you consider that non-WIFI data connections aren’t possible while you’re on the phone– at least on the iPhone. So, if I’m talking to someone, say a member of my church, and I wanted to share a Scripture verse with them, I’d better have another way of accessing the text.

  2. Good points.

    Love this software on my BlackBerry. The developers say they will be looking to introduce some offline functionality for the BlackBerry port to match that of the iPhone port in time.

    Great write-up, pastor!

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