Day: November 10, 2008

Reflecting on a great event

NOC2008 surpassed my expectations!  I got to hear Erwin McManus, J John, Francis Chan; and I sat in on Doug Stringer’s workshop titled, Who’s Your Daddy?  Great title and great seminar.  I met Ed Stetzer of LifeWay, and Gary McIntosh of Talbot Seminary; plus, the great staff of Outreach magazine, led by Lindy Lowry, senior editor,  and Jim Long, managing editor.  

The small church discussion group I led overflowed the room we were in, and overflowed with great small church ideas, too.  I’m writing about 10 of the top ideas in Outreach magazine for the Jan/Feb issue (at least, I think that’s when the article will appear). 

My workshop, Small Churches Make Good Neighbors: 10 Ways Your Church Can Change Your Community, was great!  Not because I led it, but because we had a room full of high-energy, creative people who minister faithfully in their own small churches.  I’m making the PowerPoint of my seminar available here.